If we receive your order request, we will e-mail of confirm you by recalculating inventory, shipping, handling, etc. after confirmation.
The total price on the web is approximate, so the order will be finalized after sent the e-mail of confirm.
If you choose PayPal, You may possibly need add cost even paid after.

Dear customer, welcome to the Help Center.

Q: Can I use account as similar?
A: Sorry can not used account, because those server each put on the other place.
Please making account each web shop.

Q: Could you ship worldwide?
A: Yes, We able to send to world wide through the Japan Post.

Q: Could you shipment by combine?
A: Yes, You can save several shipping cost.

Q: Which are payment method?
A: We accept paypal only.

Q:I have an anxiety in the transaction.
A:If you have a worry about transaction, You can make purchase from ebay store.
Click here: eBay-USA
Click here: eBay-Australia

Q: Can I payment in $USD? (AUD/JPY?)
A: Yes, You can payment in $USD(AUD/JPY), Please change currency in top page of right up or below link.
Click here: USD
Click here: JPY

See "Left upper" on Top page.

*The primary currency is JPY.
currency *You can change currency to USD.