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SHIP to Okinawa or Island local
We can courier of the Yu-pack (Parcels) from Apr/2014 became possible.
Yu-pack has merit very cheaper can send to Okinawa or Island local.

Note: Yu-pack can COD.(Collect On Delivery) As well.

Shipping cost To Okinawa.

Size Shipping cost
60 1330yen
80 1600yen
100 1870yen
120 2130yen
140 2400yen
160 2610yen
170 3000yen

COD cost.

Up to price COD cost.
Up to 10000yen 324yen
Up to 30000yen 432yen
Up to 100000yen 648yen
Up to 300000yen 1080yen
Up to 500000yen 2160yen