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Silicon Radiator Hoses (BLACK)

List price: 13,200 ¥JPY (Including Commission)
11,000 ¥JPY (Including Commission)
(Excluding fee 10,000 ¥JPY)
In stock

Datsun 1200 (7001 - 7305)
Datsun 1200 ute (7510 - 9403)
Datsun 1000 (6604 - 7001)
Datsun 120Y, B210-B310 (7305 - 7710 - 8304)
Available for A series engine.

x1 Upper hose.
x1 Lower hose.
Does not include any clamps.

The set of upper and lower hoses.
3-Ply Nylon reinforced silicon.
-60 to 260C working temperature.
0.3 to 1.6Mpa working pressure.
Direct bolt-on OE fitment or replacement.
Confirm the direction of the radiator lower hose joint!
If sideways-hose joint. oneself do cuts a hose, and so connect.
(From '7908 for Datsun 1200 ute)
*See the lower reference pictures, surely you will easily understand.

OD: 36mm.
ID: 28mm.
Converter mm-inch

Radiater hose

Place for cutting


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