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Shift Knob (Genuine/4 Speed)

3,300 ¥JPY (Including Commission)
(Excluding fee 3,000 ¥JPY)
1 item(s)

Datsun 1000 (6604 - 7001)
Datsun 1200 (7001 - 7305)
Datsun 1200 ute (7510 - 9403)
Datsun 120Y, B210-B310(7305 - 8403)
Datsun 510 (6708 - 7108)
Datsun E10 (7010 - 7409)
Nissan March K10 (8210 - 9112)
Shift lever thread available; M8×P1.25 (metric).

x1 Knob.

4 speed manual transmission shift knob.
Easy bolt-on install.
Seems to be plastic leather.
This fits many kind of datsun models.
Also fits M8xP1.25-shift rod of Datsun/Nissan with 4 speed transmissions.
This is a must for your restoration.

Compatibility OEM number :

1 3
| | |
2 4 R

OD: 43mm.
Length: 58.5mm.
Shift Lever Screw: M8×P1.25(Metric).
Converter mm-inch

Nissan Genuine Parts (

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