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DATSUN Logo T-Shirt (B)

List price: 3,630 ¥JPY (Including Commission)
3,300 ¥JPY (Including Commission)
(Excluding fee 3,000 ¥JPY)
1 item(s)

Vintage Logo T shirt
Recommended to DATSUN B type.
S M L XL 4 kind size on sale.

Logo Size:
Red OD:194mm
Blue Width:290mm
Cotton 100%

Small 44cm 68cm 19cm
Medium 54cm 72cm 20cm
Large 54cm 80cm 22cm
X Large 60cm 81cm 23cm
●Really measured size from product.(approximately)
●Please question about the stock-number invariably.

※This product is a product entirely irrelevant to Nissan Motor.

※The import goods of T-shirt for American souvenirs.

Wearing image
Wearing image
●Classic Red and Blue Retro Logo.
●100% High Quality Cotton Material
●In size: Small • Medium • Large • X Large
●Good Size logo Professionally printed
●Print placement: Front.

The artist of this image is Takeshi Wakasa
The illustration image and design are protected by copyright law.
Please reffer other images Here

All rights reserved
Any copy or reproduction without permission is prohibited except for personal purposes.
ALL and EVERY non permitted use, replication, or duplication is subject to punishment by copyright law.
This product is a product entirely irrelevant to Nissan Motor.

Special Thanks:
Artist Takeshi Wakasa
Image model Makoto Kawamoto

Bprojects (

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