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MONROW Cartridge Shock Absorber (45mm Regular Struts/B110 B120)

35,200 ¥JPY (Including Commission)
(Excluding fee 32,000 ¥JPY)
1 item(s)

We Cannot Send any Shock Absorber to International Buyer.
Datsun 1200 (7001 - 7305)
Datsun 1200 ute (7510 - 9403)

x2 Absorber.
x2 Lock nuts.

These are high quality shock absorber for 45mm regular struts.
Low pressure gas inclusion specifications.
When install: You no need cut/sanding/processing. So you can easy change to high grade.

*The shock absorber cannot send to the international shipping.

Outer diameter: 38.2-3mm.
Body length:420mm.
Stroke length:635-470mm.
Decrement ability:Regular like value.
Converter mm-inch.

1.Remove the strut from a ring nut.
2.You can see guide Bush when you remove a ring nut.
3.You pull a piston rod and remove a rod/valve/cylinder.

※Because oil spills, please careful and consider it.
4.Please clean inner side in the strut.
6.If it is hard for insert, sanding this uniformly.

※When Sanding. Be careful to reduce too much.
7.Can do finish very neatly when It use the machine.

※Reduce it little by little.
※Paint there after sanding.
8.Fix shock with a ring nut.
Please insert space before fixing.
Brand(M,N) :

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